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couple using zipcar in the city

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Carnaby Street A

Independent and Community retailers

A guide to the ultimate day of stepping away from big brands in London.


Borrow from the Library of Things

Inspirational stories to give you ideas for your next borrow.

Playing darts

Mate date ideas in London

11 fun things to do in London with friends. 

Rock climbing

Adventure and Adrenaline Activities

The best adventure and adrenaline activities in and around London to suit all tastes and budgets.



From trips around town to weekends out and about, here’s some of our tried and tested tips to make the most of your free time.

woman pruning plants in a garden centre

Garden Centres in London

Looking to improve your garden or balcony, check out these plant shops and garden centres.

Rolling hills

Unique locations for your next break

Why not choose something a bit out of the ordinary.

man in a suit booking a zipcar on his phone

Zipcar vs. Owning your own car

It’s up to 50% cheaper to use Zipcar than owning your own car.

Man in a forest

Best forests near London

Take a stroll in the dappled shade of a forest.


man and woman in plastic free shop

10 simple swaps for sustainable living

Here's how you can be more sustainable everyday. 

dried food dispensers

Plastic free & zero waste shops

Reduce the amount of waste you produce by shopping at these fantastic shops

car boot sale table full of bargains and curio

London's best car boot sales

Whether your buying or selling there's always a deal to be done at a car boot.

building and trees

The most Sustainable Cities

Exploring some of the world's most sustainable cities and their initiatives

Zipcar UK 2021 Sustainability Report

We’re committed to having a fully electric fleet by 2025. But to offer fully electric car-sharing in London, we need better electric vehicle infrastructure. 

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There's never been a more important time to play an active part in our communities. At Zipcar, our members and the local communities where our cars live are the heart of who we are, so we're always looking for ways we can do more, and support our members too.

2 friends in a car

Road trip companions

We surveyed Brits to find out who they would like to travel with.

woman running by water

Top running routes

We asked our members about their favourite running routes in London.

man opening a box

Distraction, delivered

We’ve compiled a list of distractions you can get delivered to your home.

woman doing yoga at home

Indoor-phins fix

From yoga to HIT, here’s some of the best classes that have gone online. 

Zipcar for Business

Over 13,000 businesses use Zipcar to get around efficiently, sustainably and to help grow their companies. Here’s some tips on how to grow yours.

woman holding a pint of beer

A revolution in UK craft beer

How a new brewing crew are taking sustainability into their own hands.

zipcar for business

Access the sharing economy with Zipcar

Find out how businesses are growing whilst saving by using the sharing economy.

Light bulb

Changing the way we think about waste

Here’s how some start-ups are doing their bit for the environment, and you can too.

london traffic

What ULEZ means for your business

The Ultra Low Emission Zone is here, and it’s only going to get bigger.

How Zipcar Works

Once you’re a member, you’ll get access to over 3,000 cars and vans. Here’s how to use them!

roundtrip vs flex

Roundtrip vs Flex Journeys?

From going a to b with a Flex car to taking a Roundtrip car or van


Ending your Zipcar booking?

Here’s all you need to know about how to end your trip.


How much does Zipcar cost?

It’s free to join Zipcar, and we have tons of inclusions too.

Driving with Zipcar

Congestion charge, ULEZ, Dart charge

Take a look at the charges we cover for all our members.

Our Vehicles

We’ve got various types of cars for you to choose from – from city run arounds to larger cars and vans. Plus there’s 325 e-Golfs to boot! Here’s detail on each vehicle if you want to check how they work and their specs.



One of the UK’s most popular cars, available in Zipcar Roundtrip.

Zipcar vw e-golf

VW e-Golf

Try out one of our 325 e-Golfs in a Zipcar Flex one-way journey.

Zipcar vw transporter

VW Transporter

Perfect for moving house, DIY and helping you run your business.

Zipcar audi a3

Audi A3

Our luxury, unbranded option. Ideal for special occasions or weddings.